Chickpeas Fatteh for Lunch, Please!

I was not planning to prepare the challenge as soon as I posted but it was a spur of the moment when I decided to make it. My mom made wide kidney beans stew and kidney beans are not exactly on my list of edibles. Gladly, I happened to know the menu of the day in the morning, so I was able to ask my mom to soak the chickpeas and boil them for me. So by the time I got home chickpeas were ready. I know I categorized Chickpeas Fatteh under entrée but I almost always eat it as a main dish.
Chickpeas Fatteh Close-up

Since mom cannot eat kidney beans since ages ago, she was in on my Fatteh. I prepared all as per recipe (I mean what should I change, you don’t tamper with perfection!) and I layered all in a shallow bowl.

I had to combine the vinegar with some water, since it is homemade and extremely potent and would have turned the salad too sour. I toasted some pine nuts, after being disappointed for not finding the afore toasted ones with almonds in the fridge. Traditionally Fatteh is prepared with just pine nuts but I wanted to add almonds because they are favorites of mine.
Chickpeas Fatteh Dish
Funny part is, I found the nuts after we finished lunch!

It is maybe my third or fourth time making Fatteh and I got to admit that this time it was my best. It had the right sourness to accommodate the chickpeas and the toasted bread. I was glad there was some left over toasted bread from the Mouloukhieh soup we had the day before.

One thing I particularly enjoyed, it might be a tad silly of me but it gave me a feeling of anticipation, was the little sizzling I heard when I put the freshly roasted pine nuts over the yogurt. It was slight and barely hearable, but somehow made the dish even more appealing.

I should add that it is a perfect after work dish, for if you have the chickpeas boiled or even out of a can (but I always prefer fresh) the assembly of the dish takes about 10 minutes. Chickpeas can be boiled a day ahead, they can be used cold or reheated. Bread can also be toasted ahead and it can last several days if kept in closed container. Pine nuts can be toasted in the microwave and depending on amount they can take 5 to 10 minutes. They also can be omitted if they are too much work.
Chickpeas Fatteh Plate
I have had a lot of people asking me about Lebanese bread when I posted the challenge, so I am including a picture of what we call a “loaf”. We usually separate the layers before eating or toasting. Lebanese bread is tricky to make at home because it has special iron ovens in which it is made. All of our bread require special ovens actually. Most famous are: saaj bread or “markouk” and tannoor bread.
Lebanese Bread

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8 responses to “Chickpeas Fatteh for Lunch, Please!

  1. I crave chicken fatteh and will have it in Beirut soon I am sure! These roasted pine nuts are the best aren’t they? I always get a bag of organic ones from Soul El-Tayeb

    • Can you believe I never visited Souk el -Tayeb yet? My aunt is a regular of it though she always get green veggies from there! We used to get ours from my uncle’s in law’s but now they are not picking them anymore. And yessss, roasted pine nuts AND almonds rock!

  2. Looks like Lebanese comfort food to me. Your posts always make me hungry, Viviane!

    • @ Mary: I hope you get to try
      @ Caveman Cooking: Seems the feeling around me even if I just talk about food. I am glad I have another … errrr “victim”! lol

  3. This looks interesting to me. Love its nutty and delicious look.

  4. This is tantalizing good. The flavors all melding together… I’d add the almonds, too!

  5. Definitely a nice change tot he routine lunch at work. Love roasted pine nuts