Linguine with Fresh Tomatoes, Olives and Garlic

Today was my chosen day to finally make the recipe or maybe I should say complete it. Since the tomato base has been in the fridge for two days already. Actually this turned out to be a great idea. I peeled, cored and cut the tomatoes, added the salt and pepper, although I used white instead of red chili as it said in the recipe. I let all rest in a sealed container in the fridge.


To my surprise when I opened the container, the tomatoes were all mushy and juicy and looked wonderful. So I smashed the garlic and added the oil and I was set.

But before that I put some of the chopped tomatoes in a small bowl: I wanted to make Bruschetta.

No! I did not toast bread or even cut it, I had these ready bought toasts and the idea came to me that they can be great for Bruschetta. So I added balsamic vinegar and basil to the tomatoes, I skipped chopping onions because I was too lazy to dot it.

I prepared my Bruschettas and set them aside, in the meantime the pasta was cooked.

I used linguine instead of spaghetti. I thought I had spaghetti, but to my surprise I found that all I had was a pack of linguine. I would not recommend those for this type of sauce though because they get slippery and they do not absorb it.

I also did not feel like hunting for pecorino, I used good old mozzarella. I felt I could make that change since I am very familiar with the recipe and I have made it with several different cheeses before including feta.

I finalized my dish with the olives, prepared the table and sat for a delicious and unpretentious meal.

I am sharing my results… cheers!



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