Paprika Chicken, Mushrooms and Potatoes

I have made this recipe before, so I felt comfortable to make it again, and be more adventurous with the amount of seasoning.

I did not use chicken breasts, but rather leg pieces, as my family do not eat breasts unless in a pasta. I also did not skin the legs, and as unhealthy as this is, I enjoy the taste the skin gives to the food. I seasoned the chicken pieces in a bowl with salt and pepper, but did not use the prescribed amount of paprika. Instead, I sprinkled the paprika until it covered all the chicken. I also used ground garlic because I did not have garlic powder. I used about a teaspoon and a half for luck. I love garlic, so I do tend to use more.

I did not use butter to cook the chicken. Instead, I used some olive oil and a dash of garlic and chilli flavoured olive oil that I found hidden in the groceries cupboard. Also, I added potatoes, because in my house, if there are no potatoes, there will be a war. Starch is our staple diet, so I tossed the potatoes with the chicken to get some of the seasoning, and then put them all together in the pan.

I let the chicken and potatoes cook on medium heat, covered, for 10min while I prepared the onions and mushrooms. As instructed on the recipe, I turned the chicken and potatoes over and layered the onions and mushrooms on top of the chicken, covered it and let it cook another 10min. I then removed the lid and mixed the onions and mushrooms in with the sauce. However, due to the potatoes, I had to let everything cook for another 10min on medium heat, then another 5 on low heat until everything was cooked.

I served it on a bed of rice. Everyone ate very silently….so I am not sure if that is a good or bad sign!IMG_6076IMG_6073


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