Discovering a Taste for Lebanese

I have to begin by saying WOW! What a recipe! I was excited to try a real Lebanese recipe and I was not disappointed!

There has been a heat wave in Cape Town this week and it’s been too hot to want to cook anything. So when Viviane posted this challenge, I thought it’s perfect for lunch, especially in the heat and doesn’t require too much work.

I went to the store to buy the ingredients needed, and to my disappointment could not find pine nuts. I suppose not a commonly found nut in stores here. Since I had read Viviane’s post before going to the store, I knew that almonds would work, so I bought a packet. I also did not manage to get fresh chickpeas, so I was forced to go with canned. For the bread, I bought pita.

I got home and set to preparing it immediately. I followed the recipe, only substituting red wine vinegar for brown spirit vinegar. I did not follow the amounts since after talking to Viviane, she said it would not be good as leftovers. I was alone at home so made enough for myself only. I toasted the pita in the toaster, roasted the nuts in the microwave and quickly sautéed the butter, garlic and vinegar mixture. I also used some salt in the yogurt since I was unable to find Greek yogurt in a small tub (which I love) and had to go with Bulgarian. I broke the bread up in bite sized bits and layered according to the recipe.

I sat myself down in front of the TV, watching test match cricket with my bowl of Fatteh. Every bite I took was followed by a mmmm and a yummy. I can see why this is a favourite for Viviane! Excellent, quick and easy recipe.


2 responses to “Discovering a Taste for Lebanese

  1. I really love that creamy, healthy look. It must be delicious and refreshing. Thanks for sharing.