Challenge 8: Gordon Ramsay’s Butter Chicken

I would like to apologise to my Taste Buds for taking this long to submit my challenge. There were several reasons for this, but it finally made its way onto the blog! I recently received a recipe book as a gift from my best friend and her fiancé. I was conned, helping to choose the book not knowing that it was for me. I made the perfect choice, choosing my favourite chef, Gordon Ramsay. This challenge is therefore a tribute to my best friend, Eleftheria (Lefty).

This recipe does not appear in the book I chose, but it is one of my favourite dishes! I hope you like it. My Taste Buds should have these spices left over from our breyani escapade.

Enjoy! #Recipe link#


4 responses to “Challenge 8: Gordon Ramsay’s Butter Chicken

  1. I will admit I am not fond of Gordon Ramsey or any English chef for that matter, but he picked a great recipe. I think the influence of the Moghul period stretched all the way to Arabia because I see it in Gulf countries cuisine


  2. Looking forward to seeing what the TB’s come up with!