Gordon Ramsay’s Butter Chicken: Rich and Spicy

I finally got down to cooking Z’s challenge. I want to apologize to our readers for this delay, but I had some issues to address and blogging was out of the question.

But all’s well that ends well and things are back on track.

I had to start this recipe early in the morning, with coffee, because the chicken was supposed to be marinated.
Butter ChickenI got to admit that I cursed Z when she first posted this challenge, because it meant she sent me on a Garam Masala chase again! When we cooked the Breyani I had a hard time finding the store that sold the spices and this time I did not even bother. I just constructed my Garam Masala with instructions from Wikipedia! I even mixed more than I needed for the recipe for future use and so I won’t be cursing my friend next time.

I did not make many changes to the recipe except that I used chicken breasts instead of thighs, but this is out of a personal preference. I don’t like the thighs meat and with a mixture of spice that rocked I could not have the meat ruin the taste.

I also grilled the chicken in the oven and did not brush in oil as the recipe stipulated.

I also cut on the butter, so I sautéed the spices in some olive oil and just added the small amount recommended in the end.

I had my mom and cousin taste it they both liked it. They did not get to eat some of it really because I did an individual portion because everyone wanted to eat fish today.

It is actually a very tasty dish. A tad rich for my taste so I was really glad I cut on the butter. The spice mixture is awesome and it compliments the chicken without overwhelming it. The sauce has a very comforting creaminess to it, so the heat in the dish becomes mild and gives it some edge.

I did have half my portion for lunch and the rest for dinner because I wanted to have some baked potatoes, before the chicken.  I think I should have gone with my instinct and made some rice with the butter chicken. I think it will be a good starchy addition.
Butter Chicken


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