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Dulcis in Furno’s Ricotta Rolls

A couple of days ago, as I was browsing my inbox on Foodbuzz, I came across a recipe for ricotta rolls by Dulcis in Furno.

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Get the F out of my kitchen!

Saturday May 15, 2010

The Good Food and Wine Show came to Cape Town as it normally does every year. However, this year it featured my hero Gordon Ramsay. So you can just imagine how excited I was to go and see him. My friend had booked us tickets and we counted down the days to see him.

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Vanishing Falafel

I was really looking forward to making the Lebanese Falafel over the weekend! I have heard about the dish quite a bit, but I had never really tried it, let alone made it. I had some free time to make a lunch on Friday and so I decided to do the challenge!

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Distilling Rose Water

My parents grow a special kind of roses in our mountain garden. These roses are used to distill rosewater.

Usually the distillation is not made in an apartment, but since my parents have still not gone to the mountain for the summer and the roses already bloomed and were picked, it was a must to make the rose water, before the flowers perish.

So the distilling device was borrowed from my uncle, and it was rose water making Sunday.

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Culinary Flags

As I was reading one of the blogs on the Taste-Buds links, Learn Food Photography I came across a link they posted on their site and I thought it was a very interesting one to share with our readers.

Click the following link to discover the Culinary Flags, do not pass the opportunity to see  a great work of creativity!

Falafel Preparation in Photos

When I posted the Falafel recipe, the preparation of the raw part was done. It was the only way I could take the recipe from my mom with specific measurements because she cooks on the feel and she cannot give you the right amounts after!

So bare with me, this is going to be a long post, but one filled with photos which will probably make things easier for those who never prepared Falafel before.

I will start with the base preparation, I went as per recipe.

I started with soaking the beans:

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Challenge 10: Lebanese Falafel

My challenge for my Taste-Buds this time is a recipe that is eaten all through the Middle East, even though if made differently from country to country.  The news about it is that it is a totally vegetarian meal that every man I know LOVES! Yep, you heard me right!

I can tell you it is not something you would eat before a date or an appointment:  it is rich in garlic and onions, so if you fear their effects then better abstain.

Well people, this time we are making Falafel, Lebanese version (my mother’s version to be exact), from scratch. Yep the whole deal. So lift up your sleeves and get down to work for the best Falafel ever!

Oh! By the way if you cannot find the fava beans you can do with the chickpeas alone, although I personally don’t think it is as good.

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Chicken Jambalaya Better Late Than Never

I meant to do this entry a while back, but unknown to me, my brother had borrowed my camera cable to a friend. So, here I was thinking I had lost my cable and been looking for it frantically when it had been borrowed out all along. As annoyed as I am about having my things borrowed without my permission, I am happier to have it back!

I made the Jambalaya with Chicken only. I didn’t like the thought of mixing meats, especially sausage, and also since it was the first time I was cooking this, I didn’t want to add much meat in case I spoilt it. I made my own Creole seasoning as I do not think we have that available to buy here. Therefore, I had to get a few spices from the store, but when I got home, realized that I had forgotten to get a plain garlic spice and an onion spice, so I left it out of the Creole seasoning. I therefore added ground garlic to the chicken along with the Creole seasoning to marinate.

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