Chicken Jambalaya Better Late Than Never

I meant to do this entry a while back, but unknown to me, my brother had borrowed my camera cable to a friend. So, here I was thinking I had lost my cable and been looking for it frantically when it had been borrowed out all along. As annoyed as I am about having my things borrowed without my permission, I am happier to have it back!

I made the Jambalaya with Chicken only. I didn’t like the thought of mixing meats, especially sausage, and also since it was the first time I was cooking this, I didn’t want to add much meat in case I spoilt it. I made my own Creole seasoning as I do not think we have that available to buy here. Therefore, I had to get a few spices from the store, but when I got home, realized that I had forgotten to get a plain garlic spice and an onion spice, so I left it out of the Creole seasoning. I therefore added ground garlic to the chicken along with the Creole seasoning to marinate.

I followed the rest of the recipe pretty much as stipulated. I used a little more white fragrant rice as it is our staple diet and we definitely eat more than a ¾ cup of rice on a daily basis. I could only find extra hot peri peri sauce, so I only added about ¾ teaspoon to the food.

I found the recipe very easy to follow and the method simple. It also did not take too much time to cook. The aroma in the kitchen was tantalizing. My mom came home from work and said her mouth started to water the minute she got out of the car and smelled the food.

Everyone really enjoyed the food. We have a similar traditional dish called Akhni, but it is not as spicy or tangy and the method of cooking is different. My mom thought that some shrimp and prawn would have been nice, as well as some corn and other veggies. I also felt the rice lacked some veggies. However, we thoroughly enjoyed the Jambalaya and I will definitely be making it again, especially since I now have the Creole seasoning ready to use. Next time, I would definitely experiment with adding some frozen veggies and maybe some fried potato.

Thank you Clint for an awesome recipe!


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