Falafel Preparation in Photos

When I posted the Falafel recipe, the preparation of the raw part was done. It was the only way I could take the recipe from my mom with specific measurements because she cooks on the feel and she cannot give you the right amounts after!

So bare with me, this is going to be a long post, but one filled with photos which will probably make things easier for those who never prepared Falafel before.

I will start with the base preparation, I went as per recipe.

I started with soaking the beans:

The next day I proceeded to preparing the base, got the food processor and started mixing!

This is what you get after all is well mixed:

With spices added:

And mom combining so I can take pics 😀

And the final result: the base that went into three separate containers and into the freezer.

Today was the D-day to make Falafel. I wanted to try to bake them, so I made the patties with the special tool after rubbing a baking tray with some canola oil.

And in the oven they went. During this time, the veggies were washed and the pickles prepared:

Also I prepared the Tahini Sauce or Tarator:

The Tahini will clot at first when you start adding the lemon and water, don’t worry, you are not doing anything wrong. It will start thinning to get to a liquid-y consistency. It should not be too liquid though, the end result should be  the consistency of a smoothie. It will thicken a bit, it is all right. If you feel it is too thick add a little water. If you happened to thin it too much add some Tahini. Here is my end result:

By looking at the Falafel in the oven, they turned a tad rosy but not the color wanted. Soooo, epic fail for trying to bake them. I dunno if the oven we have is not powerful enough, but the patties were raw inside and crispy outside. You can tell it is not how they should be.

So on to making them the original way: Frying.

You got to be fast though, these babies fry fast! Mine came out just great: Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, as they should be!

Now to the important part: making the sandwich! Mom chopped the parsley while I was frying. You can do it a night ahead if it suits you, but since we were two people working, it was easy to chop on the spot. We usually cut the rest of the veggies while making the sandwich. Crush a couple of Falafel patties on Lebanese bread, add the chopped vegetables and pickles.

Then add some salt if you want to and the Tahini Sauce.

Fold the bread from both sides to keep ingredients from falling out, then roll into a wrap.

And ladies and gentlemen, the end result:

The most annoying part was I could not eat the sandwich! Biting into it was too painful after my braces fresh tightening! Can you imagine how bummed I were? I had to make some sort of Falafel/Veggies salad soaked with Tarator, so I could eat. I did not take any pictures, the result not great in looks and I can tell you not as good tasting as the wrap.


13 responses to “Falafel Preparation in Photos

  1. I am now thinking to try to half fry them as you mentioned and then freeze them and when I want to eat them i will cook them in the oven and hopefully with the oil they have absorbed from frying they will cook well.

    I will let you know the results later.

    Thanks again.



  2. Hi Viviane,

    Great post with photos and detailed explanation. I have a question for you and hope you can help me out.

    Have you ever tried or heard any place where you can buy pre-cooked (deep fried) and deep frozen falafels? I have tried frozen falafel raw patties but you still need to fry them which is the most inconvenient.

    So just wondered if you have tried to fry the falafels and freeze them then eat them later. Do you think it’s feasible?

    Look forward for your comments.



  3. salut , j aimerais bien savoir quels sont les epices ajoutes aux falafel et merci d avance


  4. Hi Viviane

    Excellent visual guide to the falafel making process. When I saw the photo of your mom’s hand mixing the falafel, I felt so sentimental. It reminded me of my mother in Lebanon. Kudos for trying to bake them, but in reality, there’s nothing more delicious than good old deep fried falafel, is there?



    • I totally agree about the good old deep fried falafel! But the idea was to try a new thing and get out of the box. I guess I got back to tradition very soon after. I am glad I was able to give you a memory too 🙂


  5. Viviane

    Je ne savais pas que tu parlais Français ma chère! Quelle joie! c’est des deux langues celle que je préfère!
    Tes falafels sont succulents! tu me donnes envie tout d’un coup d’en manger!


  6. Hmm j’adore les fellafels mais c’est pas facile d’en trouver des bonnes, les tiennes me semblent parfaites, moelleuse et goutûes!


  7. Thanks for showing and explaining the preparations with much thoughtful details. It is so sweet having daughter and mother cooking together.
    Happy Mother’s Day : ).