Dulcis in Furno’s Ricotta Rolls

A couple of days ago, as I was browsing my inbox on Foodbuzz, I came across a recipe for ricotta rolls by Dulcis in Furno.

I decided to make it out of the blue really because I happened to have bought some Ricotta. I am glad I chose this recipe. These rolls are as tasty as they look. The recipe itself is easy to prepare, especially since I am not what you can call an experienced baker.

Although, I omitted the baking powder in the recipe by mistake, since Tania mentioned it in  the preparation but not in  the ingredients. It was not a big deal except that the rolls came a tad doughy but the taste was unaffected.  I recommend nonetheless, that if you are using a non stick baking dish, to shorten the baking time. Mine came out a tad too crisp on the lower side because of that.

Also I think that if the sugar is removed, this recipe would make a great bread-like rolls, that you can fill pretty much with anything.

The recipe yielded the number mentioned and everyone who tasted agreed that they were really good.

My sister even mentioned that they can be even filled with some chocolate, I agreed because I think dark chocolate would be awesome with them.

These rolls are ready “en un tournemain”*, it might seem like they need a lot of time, but most of it is waiting for dough to rise, so you can occupy yourselves with something else meanwhile.

A definite win-win recipe, I want to thank Tania for sharing.

* Very fast.


18 responses to “Dulcis in Furno’s Ricotta Rolls

  1. I’m happy you tried my recipe, thanks Viviane, I love your rolls!
    P.S. I was wrong, I’m sorry, the baking powder is not necessary in this recipe, you did well to omit it!


  2. This looks divine! definately have to try this out sometime. Gorgeous pictures too!


  3. Oh lovely rolls, great use of ricotta! I love this recipe, will have to try it out!


  4. These are so pretty and chewy; I have some ricotta in the fridge earmarked for something else; I will use the leftovers for this! Thanks!


  5. Looks very delicious. I have never used ricotta in bakes. Got to try. Thanks for sharing.


  6. These look delicious Viviane! Too bad about the baking powder, but I like my bread a little doughy sometimes anyway. Your pics are looking great too!


  7. Ricotta can do anything. These looks scrumptious (of course I am a huge ricotta fan) and will bookmark.


  8. they would be fantastic with some dark chocolate….


  9. Oh I hate that when I forget an ingredient, especially baking powder. But glad they turned out great. Must be moist with ricotta.