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Taste-Buds Face-off

Chantal of Chanty invited the Taste-Buds a little while ago to appear on a face-off she is doing on her blog. The three authors of Taste-Buds were honored by the request and filled the forms Chantal sent and finally they appeared on a special post. I hope our readers will enjoy and we want to thank Chantal for featuring us :).


Cooking is Art, Baking is Chemistry

For someone who can make gnocchi perfectly well on first try and find no dish to be difficult, it is funny how making pastries was never a strong point of mine. I don’t know if it is because I am not a great fan of eating them so it created a lack of motivation to meet the challenge of the frustrating measures.  Maybe there is no chemistry between us?

But lately I decided I am not letting this win over me, I should work on my relationship with pastry and get to some sort of understanding if chemistry is impossible.

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Sweet and Savory Chicken Curry

This recipe is a recurring one in my family.

I don’t know the origins of it, if it is Indian or if it is just a dish with Indian feel, but what I know is that this dish combines an amazing combo of flavors, that despite it being a hot dish is very refreshing and gives that amazing summer feel.

It also associates sweet and savory flavors, fruits and vegetables against the heat of the curry:  I personally think it offers a beautiful balance of tastes.

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