Taste-Buds Lebanese Vacation

I know we are guilty of abandoning this blog for a little while, OK… OK… it was a long while (Hangs head in shame!). But I have an excuse, I really do! It was a really hot summer here in Lebanon, temperature climbed to incredible heights and humidity was not a bad competitor either. You don’t believe me? You can ask my T-B Clint. Yes one of my Taste-Buds visited me actually! How cool is that! We can officially scratch the part that says we all never met. It was such a nice experience to meet a long time friend and a recent co-author. You can of course guess that a lot of food was included in the trip. After all this is Lebanon, where most revolves around food, and we are two food bloggers. We did the regular sightseeing too but this post is mostly gonna be about food!

Clint finally got to sample some authentic Lebanese food, moreover he got to actually taste my mom’s food! I told him she made the best Hummus, Falafel and Tabbouleh and he got to taste for himself. Yes! he finally got to try non Vanishing Falafel!

He even got to experience barbecue the Lebanese way.

Grilled Potatoes

Grilled Tomatoes

Hummus from scratch…

and a season salad.

Clint also got to eat freshly picked figs from our tree in our hometown.

Not to mention an authentic Lebanese lunch.

Baba Ghannouj


Stuffed vegetarian grape leaves ( we did not really take pics of the ones with meat…)

and of course an authentic home made Tabbouleh!

I even got to try Clint’s signature dish: Chicken Tandoori!

It was a fun vacation all in all, with a lot of good food :D. Now we have to see when will my other T-B Zee be able to fly for a Lebanese vacation.


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  3. Yes, I totally agree – I can go there just for the food!


  4. That. Looks. Delicious. Makes me really crave those grape leaves.


  5. Aw yes, someday I will also visit and eat all that delicious looking food!