Monthly Archives: October 2010

How the Cookie Monster Invaded my Kitchen!

Did you know that using spreadable butter yields in failed cookies? I did not! Today, I learned the hard way.

I set my mind to bake some cookies today. Double Chocolate Chip cookies are my favorites ever. Not that I am the big cookie muncher or anything, but if I am to eat a cookie that would be my first choice.

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Banana and Strawberry Smoothie

I haven’t managed to submit a blog entry for our one year anniversary as I had computer issues. However, this is what I had done for it. Viviane and I were talking and she mentioned we had no beverages as yet on the blog. So, I decided to do one. We thought that a smoothie would be a good idea as I was on a “diet” to pick up weight. Smoothies would be a perfect healthy snack for me. I think it is a awesome snack for anyone. I had remembered that my friend Shawne had given me a recipe for a basic smoothie. I hadn’t written it down, so I had to ask him for it. A huge thank you goes to him for the recipe.

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The Taste-Buds Blow their First Candle!

Today, The Taste-Buds blog blows its first candle. I seriously cannot believe a year has passed since that first post.

A lot has happened in the meantime too and it all brought me closer to my co-bloggers and friends. After all I got to meet one in person, since Clint got to visit me last summer and you can read all about it here and here.

A special occasion calls for a special recipe, don’t you agree? I have been meaning to make Panna Cotta for a while now. I have made it a couple of days ago actually, but decided to leave the actual posting for the blog-anniversary.

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Two Ingredients Coconut Cookies

Ever wanted  a dessert that needs minimum preparation and that tastes good? If you are a coconut fan, then you are at the right place. This recipe is so easy that a kid can make it. Proof: the first time I made it, I was a kid.

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Peach Compote Triathlon

The Lebanese villagers, in the old days, had the transportation means pretty rudimentary. The mountainous landscape and narrow road made it an extreme sport to get through the snow to get to another place to get supplies.

Most of the villages counted on the ambulant salesmen or “mkary” as they call them locally, to get all kinds of goods. Those traveled on donkey back and were the adventurous people who faced the odds, whether related to climate or to politics. They actually played a great part in smuggling provisions to the villagers, under the Ottoman Empire and during the World War I.

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