Two Ingredients Coconut Cookies

Ever wanted  a dessert that needs minimum preparation and that tastes good? If you are a coconut fan, then you are at the right place. This recipe is so easy that a kid can make it. Proof: the first time I made it, I was a kid.

These cookies can be easily bought in any grocery store in Lebanon, individually wrapped. They also are one of my nephews and niece’s favorite cookies to eat. They have been begging me to make them for a while, but their mom did not allow it before for reasons like: “had your share of sweets for the day” or “we are about to head home”.

The other day,  none of these reasons applied and I decided to surprise the kids with making these cookies. You cannot imagine the excitement it caused. Actually every time I get in the kitchen to make them something, the reaction is similar and I get many proposals to have sous-chefs. Marc even mentioned that he is gonna be a chef when he grows up.

We set out to make the cookies and here is the recipe (beware it is a looong list of ingredients hehe):


  • 100 g of grated coconut (more or less)
  • 395 g (1 medium can) of sweetened condensed milk


  1. In a bowl combine the coconut and the condensed milk till you get a paste consistency.
  2. If you think the consistency is not right add some more grated coconut. If it is too tough add some more condensed milk.
  3. Scoop with a tablespoon and line in a baking dish (you can grease it if you like, I did not grease mine, the cookies peeled off quickly when cooled.) Press the top a little to flatten them.
  4. Bake in the oven for 20 to 25 minutes on a temperature of 160°C or until lightly golden.

Of course, you can imagine I have had many propositions of help for this difficult recipe from the eager kids. You can also imagine the “are we there yet” syndrome from three impatient children.

Marc even asked me to take pics (I was not gonna, I mean 2 ingredients cookie?) and to help me with the process. Yeah, even the kids know that I take pics to post on blog…

Here is the pic Marc took, don’t be too judgmental about lighting and frame, he is only 8.


4 responses to “Two Ingredients Coconut Cookies

  1. there yummy! 😀


  2. Oh, Viviane…I love you absolutely for this. You have my favourites in a killing cookie! 😀 Best of all, it’s so simple and easy. I have to try this. Thanks very much for sharing.