Banana and Strawberry Smoothie

I haven’t managed to submit a blog entry for our one year anniversary as I had computer issues. However, this is what I had done for it. Viviane and I were talking and she mentioned we had no beverages as yet on the blog. So, I decided to do one. We thought that a smoothie would be a good idea as I was on a “diet” to pick up weight. Smoothies would be a perfect healthy snack for me. I think it is a awesome snack for anyone. I had remembered that my friend Shawne had given me a recipe for a basic smoothie. I hadn’t written it down, so I had to ask him for it. A huge thank you goes to him for the recipe.

Shawne’s basic banana smoothie:

8 oz milk

One banana

½ cup raw oats

As it is a basic smoothie, I decided to add some strawberries since we had some in the fridge. I also thought that I should add honey to sweeten, but I am not much of a sweet tooth, so I opted to leave that out. I also used oat bran instead of plain oats.

The awesome thing about smoothies is that anything goes.  An update on my weight issue …since I have started my new eating regime I have picked up 2.5kg 🙂


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