Saying “Thank You” with Cup Cakes

As I have mentioned in the challenge entry, I had made the cup cakes as gifts for my colleagues at work. The cup cakes were easy and quick to make and I made them a day in advance and kept them in the fridge.

My only dilemma in making the cup cakes was whether to use a muffin tray or a cup cake tray. I ended up using both. I have to note here, that cup cake trays are actually not the best trays for cup cakes, because if you spoon just a little too much batter, they end up looking mushroom shaped, with the top overflowing a little. Muffin trays help hold the shape better, but if you’re not careful you end up with large cup cakes. So…the trick is in measuring how much batter you pour into each cookie cup. I tend to use just less than half a tablespoon.

I had a bit of a blooper when I made one of the batches. I had prepared the cup cake batter and carefully spooned some batter into each cookie cup and was about to get them in the oven, when I somehow managed to drop one of the trays and it landed all over the oven door! What a mess! Luckily, I had made enough, even with the blooper.

The next day I decorated my cup cakes and packaged them. I decided to make a simple butter icing to decorate the cup cakes.


The recipe is as follows:

100ml soft butter

250g icing sugar

5ml vanilla essence

About 100ml milk or until you reach the correct consistency

The icing should be like a thick paste, but not too thick where it would be too stiff to pipe.

Firstly, I removed the cookie cups the cakes were baked in and put them in new plain white cookie cups and then into a silver cookie cup. I then used a piping bag to pipe each cup cake with the icing. I had found some pink sprinkles and edible flowers in a local baking shop, which I added for decoration. I then placed each cup cake into a cardboard cupcake holder I found at a packaging shop.

I bought some cake boxes with windows because I thought it made the gift look more attractive. I bought thank you stickers and put one on each box. I also tied them with pink ribbon for extra effect.



6 responses to “Saying “Thank You” with Cup Cakes

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  2. TasteofBeirut, I find mini cakes are just awesome at parties or for events because then people are more inclined to feel like they can indulge. When there is a big cake, it’s as if nobody wants to cut it. The cup cakes were a perfect gift and everyone was really excited to get them:)


  3. I am thinking I need to remember to make a batch of these! yummy looking and much better than a big cake.


  4. I am glad you both like it 🙂 I hope my colleagues love them just as much!


  5. These look awesome Z! That sets the challenge’s standard pretty high!


  6. Beautiful cupcakes. Love the boxes and how you make it look so pretty. Thanks very much for sharing.