Chocolaty Cupcakes

I have decided to make the challenge on Wednesday. I know I am late to post, but between dealing with work and jet lag, I was surprised I was even able to pull it. Especially since it is a baking challenge and our regular readers probably already know how I feel about that.

The people who know me can tell also that I am no picnic when I lack sleep… So the circumstances were not ideal really to even make the cupcakes.  Zee also set the standard really high in her post, so don’t expect anything near that perfect!

I should also mention that Zee managed to win the worse measurements award. The prize was initially held by my mom, now Zee can claim it as her own 😀

I am not teasing or anything, but the recipe was a tad complicated to follow, especially for someone whose experience with baking is limited. It posted no details on consistency of batter or about the steps to follow.

Maybe I also should tell that my experience with cupcakes is limited to seeing them in pictures or on TV?

Another hindrance I had is lack of baking powder. The recipe called for self raising flour, but we don’t have any, so I decided to use baking powder. That without considering the fact that the product expired and my mom threw it while I was away.

But it was too late to postpone the challenge making, because my mise en place was already prepared: cocoa and salt were sifted with flour (I decided to go for chocolate cupcakes), eggs broken and butter mixing with sugar.

My advice for novices about this recipe:

  • Have the butter REALLY soft, then whip it for a little bit then add the sugar. Otherwise it will take quite a while to cream, unless you have a kick-ass stand up mixer.
  • Have your mixer attachments ready, because I had to switch between the mixing ones and the cork-like ones towards the end as I was incorporating the flour.
  • Your batter will look like a mousse: that is how it should be.

I tried to work with the measurements like a champ but I cannot lie and tell you that I did not go impatient.

In the end the batter was ready to spoon into the baking dish. I borrowed one from my aunt because I don’t have the cupcake/muffin one. I did tell you I never had anything to do with cupcakes before, didn’t I?

Baking them took about 18 minutes for me though, for they were not dried up enough in 15 minutes.

I let them cool overnight, to decorate them the next day. I decided to go simple and just dip the top in melted chocolate, éclair style.

We had some leftover dark chocolate tablets of 10g from Christmas, took about 8 (so 80 g) of those to coat a dozen cupcakes. This is how much the recipe yielded.

I definitely felt the missing baking powder, so did my coworker who tried them over coffee break. She said that the taste was not bad though (I hope she was not managing my feelings :D).

My nephew and niece were part of my victims… I mean tasters, they said they were good… I guess children won’t lie about their desserts. I might try making cupcakes for them again, only this time I will use the baking powder or bicarbonate of soda as my mom told me way later in the evening. At least I can say I learned something new!


4 responses to “Chocolaty Cupcakes

  1. Those look good to me 🙂 Nice job with those pics once again V!


  2. Lol! At least I won an award! I knew this challenge wouldn’t be too easy for you, but glad you tried it:) I think you did very well actually!


    • I think the worst part was that I was tired and did not have much patience… Anyway, the result was not so bad considering the lack of ingredients!