Guest Post: Chocolate Cupcakes

Mireille is one of our first blog followers and is my cousin/best friend at the same time. She always read our posts and shared her thoughts about them; she even tried cooking some with us. I have tried to bring her to share her experiences with us and she finally decided to join us in this guest post about cupcakes. Mireille is a Lebanese expat, living in Dubai. We Taste-Buds welcome her contribution to our blog and we hope she can share more of her cooking experience with us. Continue reading below to see Mireille’s take on cupcakes. 🙂

Finally here I am blogging in Taste-Buds, it has been a year since my best friend/cousin Viviane invited me to cook and share their experience; but due to my work and busy life I was always finding it hard to cook and blog . Eventually I decided “why not try the cupcake recipe it looks easy?”, plus I like baking . Sooo for two weekends in a row, I shopped for the recipe, I bought a hand mixer and cupcakes baking dishes  since i don’t have any at home.  Then, I  invited my friend for a Lebanese lunch and cupcakes :).

I  spent all morning in the kitchen: between lunch and cupcake it was a 5 hours job!

I followed the recipe that Zee posted , I prepared all the the ingredients like if I am in a TV cooking show and I started working step by step as posted- I printed out the recipe ;)- I was so surprised to find out that it worked! 🙂 The taste of my batter was yummy and not too sweet.

Since I wanted chocolate cupcakes, I  added the cocoa powder to the flour before adding them to the eggs and butter. I put all in the cupcakes baking dish -which was enough for 6 cupcakes- and put it in the oven.

Since I am not that patient I decided to try to make a “cake” of the cupcake batter. So i put all the rest in a cake baking tray, and waited for 15 mn as was posted.

I left them  to cool while I had lunch with my friend , after which was dessert time,  cupcake time! We added Nutella on the top and we had them with coffee  for me and tea for my friend. She loved them and she was extremely happy to cut off her detox diet to taste my “delicious cupcakes”:D.

As for the cake , it was also successful . It was not sweet which allows you to add Nutella on it or any other sweet topping like jam, have it alone , or even with chocolate pudding as my friend did …weird but tasty! 😉

At the end of the day I was happy that I finally made it and I kept my promise to Vi . I hope that you, our readers, would try it … and I hope to see you in my new cooking/baking trials.

Good day my friends 🙂


4 responses to “Guest Post: Chocolate Cupcakes

  1. good job sis!!!!!!!!!!! it’s delicious 🙂 i can’t wait to taste this cupcakes with chocolate yamiiiiii 🙂


  2. thank you Zee and Clint , well i will try to do my best in cooking and baking and post more my experience ….actually yep my friend was happy to eat whatever i made , it seems that after all i can cook lool ;),
    Thank you for your support 😀


  3. Welcome to the block Mireille 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed the challenge, you did an awesome job! Mmm now I want cupcakes!


  4. Welcome Mireille! I’m glad you enjoyed your cupcakes and I’m sure your friend was able to detox anything you forced her to eat, lol! I’m looking forward to seeing more of your work on here! Thanks for sharing 🙂