Chicken Tikka Masala for Family Lunch

My brother and his family and my sister and hers were invited to lunch on Sunday; it seemed like a great opportunity for me to make the challenge.

I had to triple the recipe, because we were eight people to eat.

I mostly went by the recipe, but reduced the hot pepper amount as per my TB Clint’s recommendation. Not to mention that I had to make a mild batch, because kids wanted to try, but they changed their minds when they saw burgers. I also tried to lighten it up by reducing the “fatty” stuff.

My yogurt for the marinade was a 0% fat yogurt. I also reduced the amount of the cream to two and a half cups instead of three, same for the butter, I used 1 Tbsp butter with some canola oil to sauté the garlic.

I skewered the meat and grilled it on the electric grill. It was a rather fast process.

I had one mishap but it did not affect the taste: I forgot to add the paprika and the cumin with the masala in the beginning, but ended up adding after the tomatoes, the dish still came out great. I did not use canned tomatoes but made a simple sauce by boiling the tomatoes with some salt and pepper.

I served with basmati rice and everyone enjoyed the dish, especially that no one ever tried Indian food before. I think the Chicken Tikka Masala was a good introduction!

A note to make about this dish is that it is a great leftover! The next day the flavors get to blend in more and it becomes even more delicious. Not to mention that the marinade tenderizes the chicken so well that even with my newly installed lower braces and spacers, I still were able to eat it.


6 responses to “Chicken Tikka Masala for Family Lunch

  1. delicious……………..


  2. Sounds delicious.
    I love your dinnerware.


  3. Love Indian food and indeed this was a good intro choice. Great job Viviane…and yes it is better the next day lol


  4. That looks delicious! I’m glad everyone enjoyed it and that you and your new braces could handle the chicken 😉