The Capital Sins of Cooking

Every cook has a few things that irk them in the kitchen, things they would call capital sins of cooking. I too have moments where I encounter things that make me want to scream at the crime committed. Well not crime, but I am sure you know what I mean! These are the commandments I have for those capital things, they are also well justified…

  • Thou shall not wash pasta! It must keep its own water…
  • Thou shall not overcook pasta! It should be al dente…
  • Thou shall not add cream to risotto! Creaminess should be by rice starch only…
  • Thou shall not add cream to pesto! Do I even need to explain?
  • Thou shall not consider hummus as a dip, it is a paste!
  • Thou shall not consider hummus as a snack, it is an appetizer or a side dish!
  • Thou shall not make hummus in a food processor, the use of a food processor should be limited to cream the chickpeas, the hummus should be seasoned according to taste and the garlic pounded!
  • Thou shall not call a piece of bread toasted with oil Bruschetta, it is called crostino (crostini)! Bruschetta is something you toast without oil!
  • Thou shall not pronounce Bruschetta as Brooshetta, it is pronounced broo-ske-tta. In Italian ch stands for k!

For now this is all I got, maybe in the future there will be a sequel, stay posted.


6 responses to “The Capital Sins of Cooking

  1. LOL -too funny! I look forward to catching up on the rest of your blog – glad to have found you!


  2. hahaha this is funny! You’re making me afraid to say I love hummus for fear that I do the wrong things….like call it a dip! lol


  3. I am glad I was enlightened by you Moses of the kitchen! I will do my best to live my cooking life by these rules 😉 Humorous post V, thanks!