Knefeh Katastrophe!

The disaster that was my attempt at Knefeh….

I woke up really excited one morning, knowing that I would be taking on the Knefeh challenge that day. I followed the recipe as best as I could….only for disaster to strike! It really was a comedy of errors for me. I think not knowing what to expect didn’t help matters. Having never seen Knefeh, except in a picture, which does not seem to be of much help to my. In any event, the semolina dough actually tasted really good when I was done, but I stupidly used the wrong oven plate and the semolina dough completely stuck to it!

I really struggled with the cheese sauce. I guess because I expected….a more runny sauce? I ended up struggling with mozzarella in a pot for 20 minutes. I ended up with a fairly tasteless rubbery cheese sauce, sigh.

My poor dad was very sweet and tried to soften the blow, but I knew I had made a complete mess-up of it.

To top it all off, my camera needed to go in for repairs and I managed to lose the pictures I took of my disaster! A real comedy of errors for me!

Oh well, we all learn from our mistakes, and after reading my co-writers’ posts, I can see where I went wrong and have a pretty good idea of what to do differently now. I found a quote online that I will end off this post with…

…Making mistakes simply means you are learning faster.  ~Weston H. Agor.


2 responses to “Knefeh Katastrophe!

  1. Hey you never know what you can learn along making mistakes! I am sure next time you will make a much better Knefeh. Sorry for your (picutres) loss. I would have liked to see the results, but oh well!


  2. What a day huh? I think a little something was lost in translation in that original recipe. These things happen to us all at times. Mine was not 100% either, I made way too much crust I think and our stores don’t seem to carry “fine semolina.” Well, lessons learned and we will only get better 🙂