Scones for Tea?

My daughter came home from school on Thursday with an invitation from her teacher for full tea at high noon on Sunday. She seemed excited about the idea as you might expect most little girls would be prior to such an event. What girl doesn’t like the idea of dressing up, using dainty table settings, and practicing her outrageous British accent for an hour or so? The invitation was for seven girls in her class and at the bottom it read “You may bring food or snacks appropriate for afternoon tea,” along with an in-character reference to parents’ vehicles as carriages when announcing child pick-up times.

After finishing her homework, which included some research on the idea of High Tea in England, she researched the common foods served for such a thing. After mulling ideas including everything from finger sandwiches to shortbread cookies, she finally settled on scones. What an opportunity for me this was as I had not yet tried my hand at making these! I let her pick the recipe off of the internet and asked her if she would like me to put them on the blog, to which she answered with an emphatic “yeah!”

I modified the recipe she found slightly since the original called for raisins (not a big fan). We managed to instead conjure up some cranberry-walnut-almond scones. The original recipe we started with is here: We simply exchanged the 1/2 cup of raisins for 1/2 cup of a mix of dried cranberries, sliced almonds, and chopped walnuts for our version.

The scones came out great as prepared! My only suggestion is dropping the oven heat a little bit, perhaps to 350-375°F to avoid darkening the bottoms too much if you do not use parchment paper. All in all, this was a successful endeavor, and I will surely make them again. My daughter was even happier with the result than I was and I’m sure it will be a hit at afternoon tea on Sunday. Cheerio!


2 responses to “Scones for Tea?

  1. I’ve been to a hotel for high tea and could not leave without having scones with strawberry jam and some fresh cream! So much fun to act with airs and graces! These look delicious!


  2. Tea high or not is always a blast. We had a tea party once, Mireille (our guest writer) and me before she moved to Dubai. It was fun. We were not dressed up but weenjoyed like nutcases. We also had male guests at the time and they did not seem to hate the idea. Bring food and boys will be happy lol