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So You Think You Have Taste? – A Blind Tasting

Word on the street is that vision plays a large role in how we all perceive food. Since I first heard about Zee’s blind-tasting challenge, I have been curious to try it out. Initially I could not imagine having much trouble figuring out what I am tasting just because my sense of sight was taken away by a blindfold. However, I reasoned that for blind tasting to be so popular there must be some difficulty involved in it. Continue reading


The Italian Lunch

Friday in Dubai is a weekend day or as I would like to call it, “Lazy Day”. I usually spend it at home on the couch watching TV or I hit the pool and lay down under the sun reading gossip magazines. Last Friday, I decided to change my habit and invite my friend, Jana, over for lunch to cook pasta or something nice and quick. After checking my fridge -that turned out to be empty-  I asked Jana to shop while I made the cooking preparations. We decided that our menu would have a salad with cheese and a pasta with tomato sauce.

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Halibut with Mango Salsa

I have been feeling the cooking bug this week for some reason. I made a few unique dishes over the course of the week that might have been nice to post, but I have been too crunched for time to snap photos and make a blog entry. Today was a little different. I went to my parents’ house with the kids and realized they were both going to be working for the next several hours. This was the perfect opportunity to prepare dinner for them and to give my cooking fiend mom a night off.

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Teaming up for the Blind Taste Test

Friday was the chosen day for me to do the blind taste test suggested by TB’s last challenge. I partnered up with my sister to test each other.  When her kids heard about it, they got all excited and wanted to team up with their mom and me and play “the game”.

Anthony, the oldest, wanted to be on his mom’s team. Being a competitive boy he was all concerned by who wins and how?

Marc wanted to be on my team since he is my “sous-chef”.

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Sablés or Butter Cookies with Apricot Jam

My sister makes the best Sablés cookies ever.  Sablés are butter based cookies filled with apricot jam (home made in my case). They probably one of the rare things that don’t include chocolate and that I love.

I have been willing to learn to make them for some time now, but her visits were always short because the kids had to go back to school. But with the benefit of the summer vacation she has been paying us a visit since Tuesday and what better than a long visit to learn.

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Getting Back on Track: Stuffed Baked Portobello Mushrooms and Cannelloni with Broccoli and Breadcrumbs

It has been a long while since I felt the urge to cook something more intricate than a season salad: I have to admit though that I have been entangled in personal business.

My TB Clint and I got engaged and we were busy with preparations that an engagement entails. We also were preparing for his recent visit in June and my move with him to USA. But some events prevented my move and it had to be postponed.

So now life is back to its normal routine and I think I am back to my Sunday lunch preparation.

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