The Italian Lunch

Friday in Dubai is a weekend day or as I would like to call it, “Lazy Day”. I usually spend it at home on the couch watching TV or I hit the pool and lay down under the sun reading gossip magazines. Last Friday, I decided to change my habit and invite my friend, Jana, over for lunch to cook pasta or something nice and quick. After checking my fridge -that turned out to be empty-  I asked Jana to shop while I made the cooking preparations. We decided that our menu would have a salad with cheese and a pasta with tomato sauce.

Jana bought bread, garlic butter, shredded cheese, and tomatoes. Those ingredients made me remember my favorite Italian appetizers my friend/cousin Vi is good at making, bruschetta.  I asked Jana, “will you eat bruschetta?” She stated, “Mmmm… Whatever you say, as you know I am on a ‘see food diet’,” which in her language means she eats what she sees.  😉

I had never actually made bruschetta before, since usually Viviane cooks and I eat. Although I was her sous-chef before her nephew Marc took over the position. I used to help her in preparations, so based on what I observed and remember,  I started preparing the bruschetta as follows:

  1. Cut the bread into pieces
  2. Grill it in oven
  3. Prepare the sauce: tomato, oil, basil
  4. Spread the garlic butter on the bread before adding the tomato sauce on top and it is ready to consume. Of course cheese could be an extra addition.

Of course with the bruschetta, I prepared a green salad with cheese: Romaine lettuce and Chinese lettuce with pomegranate sauce and shredded cheese on top.

Finally, the main dish was: Pasta with tomato sauce and basil topped with cheese.

The lunch was successful and my friend enjoyed it as I did. My bruschetta is now a hit between our friends in Dubai :D… and since it was a success due to the sous-chef experience with Viviane , I wanted to share it with you… hope you will enjoy it!


4 responses to “The Italian Lunch

  1. Clint Vi never used butter on Bruschetta , actually she used to put only garlic, but i thought why not try the Garlic butter !! and it turned to be a good idea 😉 the Bruschetta was Deeeeelicious :D,


  2. Thanks Meray! Bruschetta sounds delicious right now! LOL Viviane, I was shocked at the thought of you using butter on your bruschetta when I read that part! 😉


    • Hahahahaha you had the same one she is talking about. Although it might taste a bit like a hybrid between Bruschetta and garlic bread!


  3. I never used butter on Bruschetta… only olive oil. The butter is your innovation 😀