Wine Review: Musar Cuvée 2009 Rosé

Yesterday, while I was shopping at the supermarket I had a craving for cheese and wine. Especially for white wine, but I decided not to cave in and buy wine. As for the cheese it is never fun without the wine or if you are on your own.

But as the evening came my wine craving came back nagging, but I had no white wine except for the bottle I got a few years ago in Venice and which I told myself I will keep for a special occasion or if I visit Venice again, whichever comes first.

I also had a red which I promised Clint I will not drink without him, since it is one of his favorites. What was left was two bottles of rosé wine, my mom and I got a while ago as part of an offer.

So this was it! But since wine is never enjoyed alone, I decided to share it with our readers. It was a hard wine to get to the bottom of, despite it being very simple in taste, but I suppose it is always harder to describe or grab simplicity since it limits the range of sensations and feels.

On the other hands it helps you focus on a certain thing and makes you enjoy it to its depth when it is good. And what I can say about that wine is that it ranks among the good wines.

It is not my first try with the Château Musar wines and it has always been a pleasant one.  So enough blabber and on with the review.

Technical Sheet

Wine Musar Cuvée
Type  Rosé
Vintage  2009
Country  Lebanon – Bekaa Valley
Composition or Varietals Cinsault
Color Deep peach with amber undertones
Nose Hint of honey and flowers with oak
Palate Young wine with a slight bite, oak aftertaste
Rating  4 stars
Price  Around 10$

I got two bottles in an offer so I just gave an approximate price.

Suggestions: This wine would match charcuterie very well. It is not very complex but it is good in its simplicity, it is straight to the point and enjoyable. I also imagine it would be a great accompaniment for roasted chestnuts since the oak feel is very apparent in the nose and the palate. It is a wine that seemed more of a wintry than a summery wine to me, for it gives me the feel of a fireplace and hearth warmth.

I honestly cannot see it paired with many dishes. I could see it with risotto although not a seafood one. It is also possible to drink it with a ham or a beef roast.

The aftertaste it leaves in the mouth lingers and it is very pleasant. It is as if this wine wants to stay with you even after you are done drinking it.


2 responses to “Wine Review: Musar Cuvée 2009 Rosé

  1. I had to look up “charcuterie” as I have not heard the term used here before. It’s really a shame how we’ve gone to the use of large stores instead of small produce stands and butchers. It is always nice to know your food is fresh and prepared by a specialist rather than it being days old and made with machinery.
    Very nice pictures too! I like how the grain in the wood on the first picture leads the eye to the label. There seems to be a theme of leisure and relaxation in the other picture. I particularly like how you inclusion of props in that one 😉


    • Well our stores here include the “charcuterie” part, I think it is part of the culture. I am glad the 2nd picture lead to thinking about relaxation and leisure, I did not want it to be associated with lonely theme, since it is a single glass.