Monthly Archives: December 2011

Mango Lassi

The first time I tried a mango Lassi I was hooked. The simplicity of the composition concentrates the flavors in a wonderful experience.  This is not the only benefit to it either, besides being healthy it is super simple to make.

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Sushi at home

Sushi is one of the items that were on my culinary to-do list. Well it is not an actual to-do list, it is not even virtual, it is a series of dishes that always run through my mind as things that I want to make. Sometimes it is because it is a dish that I particularly like, sometimes it is because it contains specific techniques and some other times it is just because that dish is something plain challenging and it will give me a sense of accomplishment for actually being able to cook it right. Somehow they also are the funnest to cook.

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Corn Casserole

First i would like to wish a late Happy Thanksgiving for our Buddy Clint and to all who celebrated; this year I had the chance to share the preparation for this holiday.

Arthur Murray Dance Studio is an American franchise in Dubai, and I have been practicing ballroom dancing there since almost 6 months. The manager is from United States and he invited us all for a Thanksgiving celebration on Wednesday 23rd November where every attendant will prepare one traditional dish.

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