Quick Glance at what We Ate over the Holidays

I know, I know… I abandoned things here since a while ago and I have not even posted a thing about the holidays. Things have been a little hectic on one side, on the other I was a bit lazy. I did not do any cooking worth really sharing with you. It was mostly a risotto here or a pasta there, but all in the standard realm.

But I will share the food we ate over the holidays with you still. I took pictures of most if not all.

My family pretty well knows by now that I will be taking pictures before we start eating, they even ask if I want to take pictures or if I am done.

We spent Christmas at my sister’s and we did not really do much cooking, for we went out to eat on Christmas Eve. The place had awesome food and it was a quiet and nice evening.

For Christmas we had lasagna and meat with rice and beetroot salad. As for New year’s we had mostly cheese and snacks, along with a salad and Tuna Tajin. I might post the recipe later on, but for now I made a compilation of all the food in a small slide show with festive music.

I hope everyone had awesome holidays and that 2012 turns out to be a great year.


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