Homemade 0% Fat Frozen Yogurt

Last week we had a trip to Yogurt Beach Shack and Clint had the Tart flavor, which is a plain frozen yogurt. That lead to wonder how hard is it to make a frozen yogurt at home? With the wonders of technology Clint looked it up right away and we found out that it is really easy.

We had to go to the store the next day, so we picked this huge zero fat yogurt container (4 lb) and we decided to make Labneh with half of it and frozen yogurt with the other half.

We looked up several recipes to see which was the most popular, which seemed the tastier etc…

Some used Greek yogurt with milk, some used plain yogurt, some had it flavored… We finally found a recipe that was closest to what we wanted and we adjusted.

The recipe called for 4 cups of yogurt and a cup of sugar. Clint and I are not big on desserts that are too sweet, so we cut the sugar in half.

This is the whole deal people! You just churn it and freeze it and then you can enjoy it however you like. I recommend churning it for at least 30 minutes. We made the mistake of taking it out after 25 minutes, it became too hard after it froze. So I had to put it in the food processor to break the crystals and refreeze it to get a good texture.

Our favorite accompaniment is frozen mixed berries that we thaw in the microwave, so we get all the juice dripping on the yogurt.

Plain Non-Fat Frozen Yogurt


  • 4 cups 0% fat plain yogurt (we used Nancy’s)
  • ½ cup baker’s sugar


  1. Mix the yogurt and the sugar, till the sugar dissolves.
  2. Churn for 30 minutes (follow your ice cream maker’s instructions) or more: you want it to look like a big frozen ball before transferring it.
  3. Transfer into a container (you can use the one the yogurt came in) and freeze for a couple of hours.
  4. Serve with berries or any fruit you like.

Have a happy Valentine’s day! I included a picture of the roses I received this morning! 😀


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