Quick Peek-a-Boo and Some Links


Sailboats in Santa Cruz

It has been a long hiatus from blogging, but when I have nothing to share I tend to not say anything;

The picture above is from the last family vacation to Capitola and Santa Cruz. It was a mini-vacation and it went by so fast. I don’t have food experiences to share really, I did not even think of taking food pictures, but Clint and I had a wine tasting there: a Sonoma winery called Armida has opened a tasting room right by where we were staying in Capitola.

I missed the blog though and here I am with a few links that I thought would interest our readers. A couple of them point to our ratings of the wine tasting experience from Armida.

The heat kicked up here in the last week, but I won’t be the one to complain. It is just another excuse to eat… Ice Cream!

The first link is for the ice cream lovers, 27 stores to visit around the world, more or less. I thought it was a quite interesting idea, especially since a couple of these ice cream places are close enough for me to try.


A trip that is less appetizing, but can be construed as funny.


For those who, like me, love coconut shrimp, here is a recipe for baked ones!


I have been pinning a lot of drinks recipes for the summer, but I only managed to make a White Wine Sangria. White Wine Sangria is amazing when mixed with berries and stone fruits. A definite must try. Here is a recipe I pinned, if you happen to try it, please share your impressions. I will too if I do!


And another one I found interesting:


Ever considered getting a wine app? I have been doing a lot of tastings recently and it was hard to keep track. Check my profile on Vivino:


Clint has one too:


We also have one for beer, it is called BrewGene, you can check out my profile:


and Clint’s:


This is where you will find our ratings for different wines and beers, the last tasting on Vivino is the Armida, and if you decide to try any, please share with us, whether it is by tweet @Taste_Budz, on the blog or on any of the rating apps.

Is it just me or some wines taste better during the tasting, then when I try it again they fall short?

I hope the summer is treating you nicely and that you are having a lot of fun. Summer seems to always end too soon, so I am enjoying as much as I can. I hope you are enjoying it too!


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