Food has an important space in our day, not to mention that it has psychological dimensions we have all encountered now and then in our lives. And since food and cooking have been an increasing interest for my co-authors and me, we thought that we should start a common blog, so Taste-Buds was born.

Taste-Buds is not just another food blog, it is an experience, our experience with cooking. What makes that perspective more interesting is that each of the authors belongs to a different culture.

From Lebanon to South Africa to California in the USA, we brought our readers a new experience that we thought was fun, but like everything in life things change and evolve, so did our blog.

Some of us became inactive, some of us are a little more active, but the one sure thing is that we did not abandon the blog. We still cherish the experience and what The Taste-Buds stands for, even if its face had changed, we still want you to join us on our savory trip and enjoy it as much as we do.

A lot of changes might have occurred, more might come but no matter what we will always enjoy food, drink, recipes, cooking, and everything in between, as we hope you would too.

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  1. As you know, I think the TB’s rock! Which is why congrats are in order … you have received the Honest Award! Check it out here: Honest Award