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Corn Casserole

First i would like to wish a late Happy Thanksgiving for our Buddy Clint and to all who celebrated; this year I had the chance to share the preparation for this holiday.

Arthur Murray Dance Studio is an American franchise in Dubai, and I have been practicing ballroom dancing there since almost 6 months. The manager is from United States and he invited us all for a Thanksgiving celebration on Wednesday 23rd November where every attendant will prepare one traditional dish.

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The Italian Lunch

Friday in Dubai is a weekend day or as I would like to call it, “Lazy Day”. I usually spend it at home on the couch watching TV or I hit the pool and lay down under the sun reading gossip magazines. Last Friday, I decided to change my habit and invite my friend, Jana, over for lunch to cook pasta or something nice and quick. After checking my fridge -that turned out to be empty-  I asked Jana to shop while I made the cooking preparations. We decided that our menu would have a salad with cheese and a pasta with tomato sauce.

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Guest Post: Chocolate Cupcakes

Mireille is one of our first blog followers and is my cousin/best friend at the same time. She always read our posts and shared her thoughts about them; she even tried cooking some with us. I have tried to bring her to share her experiences with us and she finally decided to join us in this guest post about cupcakes. Mireille is a Lebanese expat, living in Dubai. We Taste-Buds welcome her contribution to our blog and we hope she can share more of her cooking experience with us. Continue reading below to see Mireille’s take on cupcakes. 🙂

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