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The Liebster Blog Award

It is about time I publish this post. I don’t know how time slips away and I have been abandoning the blog a lot. I just get caught up in the day and I have not been going out of my way to make crazy dishes. I am cooking mostly simple Lebanese stuff or quick meals to put on the table because the weekend is usually spent on the run.

Although this is not a cooking post but as I said it is big time that I had it out there.

Liebster Award

We got another award! The Liebster Blog Award! It might not be fancy or famous, but I think it is the Christmas gift for the blog. (Yeah this is how long it has been! – Insert bashful face here-).

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Taste-Buds Face-off

Chantal of Chanty invited the Taste-Buds a little while ago to appear on a face-off she is doing on her blog. The three authors of Taste-Buds were honored by the request and filled the forms Chantal sent and finally they appeared on a special post. I hope our readers will enjoy and we want to thank Chantal for featuring us :).

The Honest Award: 10 things to Hate about Us

The Taste-Buds (TB as referred down below) received their very first award: The Honest Award courtesy of the Caveman author of the Caution Caveman Cooking blog . The rules of the award state that we need to list ten honest things about ourselves and then pass the award on to ten other deserving bloggers. We ought to have published this earlier, way earlier, but we had technical problems.

So here are 10 honest things to hate love about us.

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