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So You Think You Have Taste? – A Blind Tasting

Word on the street is that vision plays a large role in how we all perceive food. Since I first heard about Zee’s blind-tasting challenge, I have been curious to try it out. Initially I could not imagine having much trouble figuring out what I am tasting just because my sense of sight was taken away by a blindfold. However, I reasoned that for blind tasting to be so popular there must be some difficulty involved in it. Continue reading


Challenge 14: The Taste Test

If you are like me, and are a huge lover of food programs in particular, then you are going to LOVE this challenge. I got the idea from watching programs such as Masterchef Australia and Hell’s Kitchen and I have always wanted to try it. The Taste Test is one of the toughest challenges presented to contestants and chefs would say that a good palate makes one a better chef. The test always looks so simple watching from the comfort of my couch and I always feel like it is a bit like watching trivia game shows. It always appears as if contestants get the simplest of ingredients wrong and at home you always think you can do better. So how hard is the Taste Test really? We Tastebudz are about to find out! Continue reading