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Coconut Oil Melt in your Mouth Brownies

Brownies, who does not like them?

I love mine gooey and fudgy inside. The first time I had them I was in Lebanon, my aunt used to get them for me from a gourmet store by her office.

Then the store moved and no more brownies, which requited trying recipes.

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Guest Post: Chocolate Cupcakes

Mireille is one of our first blog followers and is my cousin/best friend at the same time. She always read our posts and shared her thoughts about them; she even tried cooking some with us. I have tried to bring her to share her experiences with us and she finally decided to join us in this guest post about cupcakes. Mireille is a Lebanese expat, living in Dubai. We Taste-Buds welcome her contribution to our blog and we hope she can share more of her cooking experience with us. Continue reading below to see Mireille’s take on cupcakes. 🙂

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Black Bottom Cupcakes

Cupcakes are generally not on my list of top desserts. However, I was convinced I could find a way to make them more like something I really enjoy. I browsed the internet in search of ideas and happened to come upon these delectable little treats, Black Bottom Cupcakes!

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Chocolaty Cupcakes

I have decided to make the challenge on Wednesday. I know I am late to post, but between dealing with work and jet lag, I was surprised I was even able to pull it. Especially since it is a baking challenge and our regular readers probably already know how I feel about that.

The people who know me can tell also that I am no picnic when I lack sleep… So the circumstances were not ideal really to even make the cupcakes.  Zee also set the standard really high in her post, so don’t expect anything near that perfect!

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How the Cookie Monster Invaded my Kitchen!

Did you know that using spreadable butter yields in failed cookies? I did not! Today, I learned the hard way.

I set my mind to bake some cookies today. Double Chocolate Chip cookies are my favorites ever. Not that I am the big cookie muncher or anything, but if I am to eat a cookie that would be my first choice.

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The Taste-Buds Blow their First Candle!

Today, The Taste-Buds blog blows its first candle. I seriously cannot believe a year has passed since that first post.

A lot has happened in the meantime too and it all brought me closer to my co-bloggers and friends. After all I got to meet one in person, since Clint got to visit me last summer and you can read all about it here and here.

A special occasion calls for a special recipe, don’t you agree? I have been meaning to make Panna Cotta for a while now. I have made it a couple of days ago actually, but decided to leave the actual posting for the blog-anniversary.

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Cooking is Art, Baking is Chemistry

For someone who can make gnocchi perfectly well on first try and find no dish to be difficult, it is funny how making pastries was never a strong point of mine. I don’t know if it is because I am not a great fan of eating them so it created a lack of motivation to meet the challenge of the frustrating measures.  Maybe there is no chemistry between us?

But lately I decided I am not letting this win over me, I should work on my relationship with pastry and get to some sort of understanding if chemistry is impossible.

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Christmas: A Lebanese Celebration Tale

Christmas in Lebanon is one of the most celebrated holidays around the year. It reflects a spirit of welcome and joy.

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How the breyani came together

Being a very traditional dish, I decided to make the breyani for Eid lunch. I needed my mom’s help as it would be the first time I made it and I was not confident to make it on my own, especially since I would be tackling my grandmother’s famous recipe. My mother and I sharing a kitchen were going to be epic. We are very close, but the one place we do not get along, is in the kitchen. So I revved myself up for an epic day in the kitchen with my mom. Continue reading