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Roasted Brussel Sprouts with Mango and Habanero Chicken Sausage

I have been cooking more than usual, but I have not been taking photos as much. Some of the things I made were recipes I found online and appealed to me to try. I have taken pictures of some and left some out.  I am going to share a couple of them with you, these are the only ones I have pictures of.

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Lobster Ravioli with Truffle Oil

I know this is a long due recipe, I have made it a few weeks ago and I even made it another time after before posting (insert ashamed face here :$).

Since I came to the USA, among other things I discovered Costco. I think I can fairly say it is on the list of my favorite stores ever. Especially in the food department; for those of our readers who don’t know Costco (for the simple reason of living across the world), it is a store where you must have a membership to be able to make your purchases because initially it is aimed at small businesses and they sell things in bulk for great prices.

You are probably wondering about this Costco intro, but this is what brings me to my Lobster Ravioli: Costco has the most amazing fresh ravioli… Lobster is one of them, we have bought other flavors since, they were equally amazing. But this is another story…

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Sweet and Savory Chicken Curry

This recipe is a recurring one in my family.

I don’t know the origins of it, if it is Indian or if it is just a dish with Indian feel, but what I know is that this dish combines an amazing combo of flavors, that despite it being a hot dish is very refreshing and gives that amazing summer feel.

It also associates sweet and savory flavors, fruits and vegetables against the heat of the curry:  I personally think it offers a beautiful balance of tastes.

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More Lebanese Please!

Today I made the Chickpeas Fatteh, which I had heard is one of Viviane’s favorite authentic Lebanese dishes.  In beginning this adventure, I must have checked 6 or 7 different stores for something close to Lebanese bread and to no avail. I found some “Middle Eastern Flat Bread” at Trader Joe’s, but this ended up not fitting the bill so after reaching my limit of frustration, I decided to go ahead with some pita bread. The rest of the ingredients were easy to come by in the average US supermarket.

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Chickpeas Fatteh for Lunch, Please!

I was not planning to prepare the challenge as soon as I posted but it was a spur of the moment when I decided to make it. My mom made wide kidney beans stew and kidney beans are not exactly on my list of edibles. Gladly, I happened to know the menu of the day in the morning, so I was able to ask my mom to soak the chickpeas and boil them for me. So by the time I got home chickpeas were ready. I know I categorized Chickpeas Fatteh under entrée but I almost always eat it as a main dish.
Chickpeas Fatteh Close-up

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Challenge 7: Chickpeas Fatteh

Based on the fact that my Taste-Buds have been asking me to post a Lebanese recipe, here I am complying. I wanted to make this post a double recipe entry and include Tabbouleh, but I thought I will leave it to another time, that is due to the fact that I ate it twice this week already.  You can say I am all Tabbouleh-ed out.  So I set my mind on a simple but awesome recipe, a personal favorite and extremely easy to make. It is mostly a summer dish but I thought it would be great to have it after the holidays, since it is nourishing and not too heavy. The dish is called: Chickpeas Fatteh. Consider it a Lebanese crumble, since Fatteh derives form the Arabic counterpart that means crumbs.

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