Fresh Ashta

Fresh Ashta is a cream type that is used a lot in Lebanese sweets. It is an unsweetened cream made of just

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milk and that has no additives: this makes its lifespan short.

Wikipedia does not give much information about it but you can read the article here.

Unfortunately it is only allotted to Eastern Europe and nothing is mentioned about the uses of it in Lebanon.

It enters in the composition of a lot of desserts such as Katayef, Fruit cocktails or smoothies with fruit chunks, Halawet el Jebn, Znoud el Sett …

It is even used as a main ingredient in a fruit dessert called Ashta w Aassal or Clotted cream and honey which is usually served with bananas, pistachios, strawberries and almonds. This is very common to eat as breakfast.

So is the Knefeh bi Ashta which is basically toasted breadcrumbs/semolina with butter, covered with sugar syrup and added with the cream in a special kind of round bread (Kaakeh) or simply served in a dish with sugar syrup.

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I found these videos about how to make fresh Ashta.

The first one is a more hands on way to make it. It is in English, though some Lebanese words infiltrate the video, none of them are related to the recipe. Which is pretty simple anyway, simmer milk over a double broiler.

The second video is in Arabic, but if you turn on YouTube close captioning, you will be able to get the recipe in its totality.


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  2. Can u send me the copmposion of Clottedcream or Ashta cream?
    i will be thankfull.


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