Viviane (Lebanon)

“Cooking has been a part of my life for many years, and I grew to consider it as a complete sensory experience as it appeals to the touch as you handle the ingredients, to the ears when you hear a sizzle, to the nose when you smell the aromas, to the eyes when you see the colors of the final result and last but not least to the palate when you get to eat. How could I not? When I grew up in a country with an extremely rich cuisine: Lebanon.

Now I get to share this experience with friends and all those who also enjoy it and moreover I get to view it from their perspective.

I now moved to the USA after marrying my long time friend and co-author Clint. I will have so much to discover on a lot of levels. One of them is how to find the ingredients for recipes I am used to eating on daily basis and sharing them with you and Clint.”


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