A Little Peek-a-Boo…

I know, I know… I have been MIA for a long while, but I have my reasons! I swear I do…

I have been kept busy, really busy… See I had Visa papers to assemble and interviews to attend. Also I had to prepare for a move across the world and a wedding… I still had to go to work among all that too.

All those who have moved before, realize it is no easy task to pack up your life, let alone pack it in a couple of suitcases that you have to carry across the world -literally- and then start afresh.

Dear readers, now I do not live in Lebanon anymore, I moved to Nor-Cal and married my fiancé and co-author Clint. I am far from being done with paperwork though: now after the wedding, starts the paperwork for my change of status and my settling in here. It is a long slow process, in which I am basically home stranded for a few months. Work would not be allowed before an authorization. You might think it is a nice vacation, but you can get claustrophobic running around all day in an apartment, no matter how much you have to do.

I just wanted to let our readers in on the situation, so you guys would not think we abandoned you. But I hope  that when I am properly settled in, I can go back to blogging regularly again.

In the meantime enjoy yourselves and I will be back soon hopefully 🙂


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