Seafood Jambalaya for Easter Lunch

I decided to cook Jambalaya for Easter lunch and to make it with fish and shrimp base. We have invited my uncle and his family for lunch, so I had to double the recipe.

I followed the recipe mostly, except that I omitted the sausages (I am not a great fan) and that I used garlic and onion for the Creole seasoning instead of the powder.

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On this note, let me share with our readers a small tip about onions. We all know how those little suckers can make us cry and I don’t know where I heard this pointer, but it recently popped into my mind in a very opportune moment I might say.  Onions have been extremely potent lately and just the smell could make anyone in reach pour tons of tears (OK! A small exaggeration!). So the other day I remember that I heard/read somewhere that placing the onions in the freezer before cutting them will make your tears stop. So I thought why not try? So I peeled the onions, cut them in half and put them in the freezer for about five minutes. Oh miracle! The tears were not there, except a little in the end which was a pretty acceptable outcome, considering the onions in questions.

Back to my Jambalaya and my cooking. I used long grain rice, worked the recipe as described, step by step and since my uncle’s family lives in the apartment next door, it seems that the aromas reach them , for they complimented the smell as they came in.

I also followed Clint’s advice about the heat and the salt and I made sure I did not go overboard. Although my dad said I should have increased the heat, but the women all agreed that it was just fine.

The Jambalaya was a success with everyone and despite his heat comment, my dad served himself again and again. The Jambalaya even earned the adjective: good from him, which is an accomplishment in itself.  Actually, everyone ate more than one serving.  Even my uncle, who used to work at a restaurant, was very pleased with it and the wine that accompanied it: a grey from grey grapes by the local winery Ksara. It is from the year 2008, potent and fruity and it complimented the Jambalaya’s taste and balanced it. It is a pretty good find actually since it is also on the cheap side!

I did not take pictures of the table, but mom made a season salad and an arugula salad while my aunt brought a local dish: Kibbeh bi Laban, which consists of Kibbeh meat balls in cooked yogurt.

Of course after lunch we had the traditional egg cracking competition, again I did not take pictures. Anyway I was first to lose.

After that came the dessert: Maamoul, the traditional filled cookie served for Easter. Dates, walnuts or pistachios fillings usually are the ones most people make or buy, although a version with Ashta (clotted cream) is also available at pastry shops but somehow it is not traditional for Easter.

My mom also makes cookies from a recipe she got from my grandma, a very regional recipe, we call them Easter Kaak.  They are cut and decorated entirely by hand usually. It is a job that takes quite a long time. These are very good with coffee, my mom makes some small ones especially for that.

We also indulged with some ice cream in the end. I know it was too much food to eat, and it was a tad heavier on me, because with my newly acquired braces I have been unable to eat well, till like a day or two ago.

I think my dad is a big fan of the Jambalaya, for as I am writing my post he reheated some and is having it for dinner.

I hope everyone had a great Easter, I am tired as hell but I think it was a good day.

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12 responses to “Seafood Jambalaya for Easter Lunch

  1. I don’t blame your dad, Viviane. It looks and sounds great!!!

  2. Viviane!

    What a wonderful meal for Easter! First of all, thanks so much for your tip about the onions in the freezer: I cry rivers of tears when I handle onions and I will surely try it.
    Also, how wonderful to use a Ksara wine with your meal! and the traditional maamoul! Both mom and grandma used to make it every Easter no-fail and this year I missed it!
    Take care,


  3. I would probably skip the sausage too! The dish looks very comforting.

    • It actually is very comforting and very easy to make on top of that, not to mention not a lot of calories there. A must try :)

  4. Al Masih Kam .. Hakan Kan

    Marhaba Viviane, this is my first time here.
    I love the Krass Kaak, and I am waiting for mom
    to get me the right stamp to do a posting about the
    special Krass they do in Ras Baalbeck during Easter Time.

    Nice Blog will come back

  5. I never made Jambalaya, this should be one of the dishes I should make this year. Thanks for sharing!

    • You should Victor.

      @Mary – Happy Easter to you too :)

      @Elle – I never made them myself, but they are delicious to eat :)

  6. Ooooh….I love everything here. The jambalaya and cookies look delicious and those eggs and bunnies look so cute! Happy Easter (belated)

  7. The Easter kaak cookies sound interesting!