The Honest Award: 10 things to Hate about Us

The Taste-Buds (TB as referred down below) received their very first award: The Honest Award courtesy of the Caveman author of the Caution Caveman Cooking blog . The rules of the award state that we need to list ten honest things about ourselves and then pass the award on to ten other deserving bloggers. We ought to have published this earlier, way earlier, but we had technical problems.

So here are 10 honest things to hate love about us.

  1. The three of us live in different continents, literally.
  2. We use yahoo conference to talk about TB issues and we end up having a laughter orgy rather than a serious talk.
  3. We adore the idea of TB because the challenge brings in a novelty and different outlook about the same dish. While Zee is just beginning  her culinary journey, Clint and Viviane have more experience, which gives a different approach to each dish.
  4. We gained new experience and new tastes since we started TB, we had the opportunity to try new cuisines and new recipes.
  5. Clint and Zee did not know each other till we put TB on track.
  6. Zee and Viviane have a weird telepathy, they type the same thing at the same exact moment.
  7. Two things Viviane hates in food prepping: peeling potatoes and squeezing lemons.  She and Zee absolutely HATE cleaning the kitchen after the mayhem they caused (does anyone like it?). Clint would dislike to have a malfunctioning oven more than anything or maybe just as much as missing a spice he needs in a dish.
  8. Zee is still nervous about cooking, although she has done great so far, Viviane gets nervous when there is baking in the horizon while Clint masters both disciplines.
  9. If you want Clint to not attempt to eat a dish, add zest to it, any zest: lemon, orange… Viviane will not eat eggplant, organ meat  or gizzard (Clint shares that too) even if at risk of starvation and Zee would rather lose weight than to eat tripe (Viviane and Clint share this aversion), those who know her know she is always trying to gain some. Another aversion Zee has: raisins. She will pick them out of any dish, so will Clint. Although he would eat them in oatmeal cookies and plain.
  10. We gave those things a LOT of thought hence it took us ages to complete, plus add #2 to the equation this will be a recipe for delay anticipation.

The Ten Blogs we think deserve this award are (in no special order):


8 responses to “The Honest Award: 10 things to Hate about Us

  1. Thanks so much Viviane!


  2. Thanks Vivianne 🙂

    Great 10 things to know about you guys 🙂


    • @Maryam: Glad you do, cannot wait to learn more about you.
      @Mary: Thank you so much your blog is one I appreciate a lot
      @Fouad (aka SydneyCider): Anytime you know I am fan of your blog!


  3. Thanks a zillion for the lovely award. Really appreciate very, very much. I’m in awe at how the 3 of you got together to put up this lovely blog. Lovely to know all of you more. You are an A1 team!


  4. wow thats cool … I like it thanks 🙂


  5. So glad you three TBs got together to dish up a big brimming bowl of truth! 😉 I have to say I share many of your aversions … especially raisins. Can’t stand those wrinkly little buggers, except in the very rare edible oatmeal cookie.